Service is the essence of a good business relationship

We believe that without proper service the best product in the world is still just a "product".

In order to ensure our coconuts are at their best, every stage of the production, packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution are under careful temperature control.

Every morning our local distribution center will load our products into refrigerated trucks where temperature is controlled to maintain quality and freshness at optimal level.

Our dedicated team of sales drivers will service their scheduled areas to deliver daily, and check shelf stock for freshness and replace where necessary.

We also provide display storage freezers on loan for customers that meet our minimum order targets.

In addition to distribution to restaurants and dessert manufacturers, WB Fresh Coconut Supplier Sdn Bhd also provides for private parties and batch orders.

Enquiries for export by air or sea freight are welcome. With our experience and strategic relationship, we are able to provide effective coordination relating to export including quality control, export documentation and customs formality.

Your success is our pride!